Sustainably increasing the production and resource efficiency of agricultural systems to secure access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food for all.

Targets 2020

Sustainable Farming

Source raw materials from sustainable farm operations; strengthen the cooperation between local suppliers, food producers and distributors, improve regional value-added food networks based on local resources.

Less Food Waste

Cut back on food waste

Sustainable Value Change

Improve working conditions and decrease environmental impacts in the value chain

Balanced Nourishment

Provide and promote a wide range of choice, variety and information about food products to ensure balanced nourishment and lifestyles

No Child Hunger

Eliminate hunger and malnourishment among children

Why is it important?

In terms of food there is a huge difference between nation states in the developing and the developed world. Side-by-side we witness the phenomena of overproduction and overconsumption, food waste and deprivation, undernourishment and hunger.  The capacity of the land that is suitable for the production of food is gradually decreasing, while needs and demands are dramatically increasing. Despite stringent regulations, more powerful action is needed in the field of food safety.

As a result of climate change and human intervention, agriculture is becoming more and more vulnerable and the sector is now faced with serious employment and environmental challenges. Products must be developed that ensure that both nutrition and lifestyles are balanced, despite our fast-moving, modern way of living.

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