Let’s shape a sustainable future for Hungary together!


First, we identified the most important business sustainability risks and opportunities in Hungary. We then defined 20 macro level goals with the involvement of high-level scientific, NGO and corporate expertise using a deadline of 2020. Next step is to explore, develop and raise awareness about existing business solutions, as well as to measure and collate their results and impacts.

Effective sustainability solutions lead to positive changes. All solutions are backed by a CEO, a change leader.

More than 100 scientific and civil experts and more than 50 business CEOs actively contributed to Action 2020 Hungary program.

Our objective with the program is to collect examples and raise awareness of business solutions that go beyond business as usual and which can contribute to meeting the 20 macro-level targets defined in our Action 2020 Hungary program.

It is important to know, what contribution the business sector is making to achieve macro goals of Action2020. Accordingly, we are putting emphasis on increasing effectiveness through both monitoring and measurement.