Ágnes Horváth

Managing Director

McDonald’s Hungary Restaurant Chain LLC

McDonald’s is a responsible, initiating company, committed to sustainable development. Sustainability is not a project for us, but a principle, that applies to each and every operation: what we buy, what we offer to our guests, how we employ and how we act with our neighbours in our narrower and wider environment. The members of our supply system must meet strict quality and food safety requirements, and our aim is to encourage sustainable practices and we expect the same from our suppliers.

McDonald’s Agricultural Assurance Program (MAAP)

Industry: Food

Date: since 2001

Food and Feed

Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Source raw materials from sustainable farm operations; strengthen the cooperation between local suppliers, food producers and distributors, improve regional value-added food networks based on local resources.

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

In the supply chain of McDonald’s the overall sustainability is ensured by a set of three E-s, which stand for the ethical, economic, environmental requirements and associated practices. The McDonald’s Agricultural Assurance Program (MAAP), which is a leading agricultural quality assurance program set up in 2001 by the company, helps farmers to maintain high quality operations on their farms, and ensure food safety, and not just environmental, but fully sustainable and ethical farming production methods. This way MAAP promotes the development of sustainable agricultural practices and also its rising all over Europe. With MAAP, McDonald’s also ensures that more and more raw materials be provided from suppliers, that are using higher standards. The MAAP covers all major agricultural raw materials: beef, chicken, egg, milk, cheese, potato, grain, salad, tomatoe and cucumber.

MAAP focuses on 6 key areas:

  1. Environmental management systems,
  2. Good Agricultural Practices (GAP);
  3. Animal Welfare;
  4. Animal Health;
  5. Transparency;
  6. Genetics.

The company cooperates with its supplier companies in a long-term partnership, thus creating opportunities and inspirational factors for knowledge sharing, continuous development and the necessary investments.

Business connection

MAAP focuses on 6 key areas: Environmental Management Systems, Good Agricultural Practices (GAP); Animal welfare; Animal Health; Transparency; Genetics

We have set up a detailed set of requirements for each of the six main areas, on which we evaluate the farms’ activities each year and specify the targets for the next year. With this mechanism, we are making constant progress in the supply chain.

With MAAP, McDonald’s also ensures that more and more raw materials be provided from suppliers, that are using higher standards.


McDonald’s keeps track of the continuous improvement with the MAAP evaluation system, by always negotiating with the supplier partner about the achieved results and about the areas that require further development, moreover the related goals and tasks.

The company cooperates with its supplier partners in a long-term partnership, creating opportunities and motivational factors for knowledge sharing (MAAP and Flagship Farmer Program), continuous development and for that, the necessary investments.