Raising utility of water and effectiveness to ensure long term availability of water for all within the limits of water resources.

Targets 2020

Water Efficiency

Improving the efficiency of water distribution and usage

Water quality

Maintaining water quality through the protection of subsoil and surface water by effectively treating all wastewater and effectively managing other related emissions

Water utility

Improving water utility and adapting to the continuously changing circumstances and availability of water

What to do?

The formulation of the recommendations is the result of nearly a year of professional work, including the Action 2020 Expert Forum, BCSDH Action 2020 Water Working Group Meetings, CEO Roundtables, BCSDH Board Meetings, and numerous professional discussions with experts in the field.


1. Elaborate CLIMATE ADAPTATION STRATEGIES, in which WATER IS CONSIDERED A VALUABLE RESOURCE and a risk factor of significant relevance.

2. Implement CIRCULAR WATER MANAGEMENT practices to reduce the water footprint.

3. Create PARTNERSHIPS in the value chain and operational environment to increase WATER EFFICIENCY and WATER RENEWAL.

Why is it important?

The economic value of water is reflected in its widespread use, since in addition to direct consumption by humans, both industry and agriculture need supplies of water of an appropriate volume and quality. Water is a renewable natural resource, although its distribution is uneven for several reasons – including geographical features, human consumption and its impacts – and also because of the consequences of climate change. In the future we should expect a significant increase in demand, not only because industry and households will require more water, but also for the generation of electricity. This rise in demand must be brought into line with the natural limits of our planet. This presents an economic, environmental and social risk, both globally and for individual countries, and the risk extends to the business sector. These risks are aggravated by additional problems that are already being witnessed. Drought-prone areas are expanding globally, and more and more countries are experiencing problems with providing a potable water of adequate quality. Although Hungary’s situation is favourable in terms of its water supply, it is important for our country to maintain these favourable conditions in the long run; a goal to which the business sector is able to contribute.

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