Péter Noszek

Managing Director

Nestlé Hungária Kft.

It is crucial for our activities, that we manage the development and innovation of our products considering the lifestyles of children and families, so we offer more and more tasty and healthy choices to our consumers. In addition, we must place a great emphasis on our educational activities for children’s balanced nutrition.

Nestlé for Healthy Kids

Industry: Food

Date: since 2003

Food and Feed

Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Provide and promote a wide range of choice, variety and information about food products to ensure balanced nourishment and lifestyles

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

Nestlé Hungária Kft.  has launched the NUTRIKID® program in 2003 for promoting balanced lifestyle and conscious nutrition by education with the support of the Hungarian Dietetic Association. This way Nestlé will take an active part in supporting healthy eating habits. An educational program for primary school pupils provides children with knowledge about healthy eating and a balanced lifestyle.

In order to involve more people into this educational program, we launched the GYERE®-Children’s Health Program in Szerencs in collaboration with the Hungarian Dietetic Association in 2015, a three-year-long initiative with the aim of preventing childhood obesity. In 2018 we extended the program with +1 year in Szerencs and at the same time we launched it in Diósgyőr, where the GYERE® program reaches another 3000 children.

These programs are an integral part of Nestlé’s global program for Healthier Kids, announced in 2018, which will help 50 million children worldwide in maintaining healthier lives by 2030.

Business connection

With our programs, we are raising awareness and encouraging children and young people to become health conscious, thus making their whole life healthier. They can be the consumers of our future, who will consciously look for products that can be integrated into a balanced diet, which products are included in our company’s portfolio.


Up to 3100 primary schools have joined to the NUTRIKID® program so far and this way we have reached 400,000 students. The knowledge on the importance of regular meals increased among the kids in their 5th and 6th year; meanwhile their material errors also decreased.

The survey made among all 5th grade students participating in GYERE® program in Szerencs shows that as a result of the program, children’s knowledge has significantly increased regarding healthy eating habits. When compared to the first survey in 2016, the number of children who know that it is recommended to take 8-10 glasses of liquid daily have increased by 42% and 65% more kids agree, that they need to consume vegetables and fruits multiple times a day. In addition, the proportion of children who thought everything is allowed in a healthy diet, but only moderately increased by 29%.