Sándor Fasimon

Managing Director

MOL Plc.

Nowadays, it is very important to not only contribute to our own business, but also to increase the sustainability of our customers. In order to reduce emissions that cause climate change and to minimize risks, it is essential to think in the framework of our entire value chain and to manage the indirect impacts. To achieve this aim, at MOL we launch programs that, besides our business interests, also help to form our customers’ approach towards sustainability. One of these successful programs is the used cooking oil collection program.

Used cooking oil collection campaign

Industry: Energy

Date: Continuous

Climate change

Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Shift to low carbon economy by increasing effective energy use and industrial energy efficiency, promoting clean and environmentally friendly technologies and life cycle assessment

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

MOL, outside its’ own sustainability actions, is committed to help our customers to apply more sustainable solutions in their everyday life. For example, the environmentally friendly disposal of used cooking oil is also a major problem for all Hungarian households. The Hungarian population uses 50,000 tons of cooking oil per year and only a small amount of it is treated professionally, whilst most of it goes directly to the channels. The reason why this occurs, is because it is often a problem to find a waste yard nearby and to store the used cooking oil at home.

MOL provides a solution for this, because it is very important for us to shape our customers’ sustainability-consciousness. That’s why we launched the used cooking oil collection program.

Business connection

The collected used cooking oil is utilized, as in Komárom, at MOL partner’s premise from the purified vegetable oil bio component that is produced. The by-products (bread crumbs, leftovers, etc.) generated during cleaning, due to their high organic matter content, could be used together with the by-products of biodiesel production for biogas production as well.


In collaboration with the Biofilter Zrt in May 2011, we launched the used cooking oil campaign in 100 service stations and since then, it has grown to 187 service stations.
By recycling the used cooking oil we create an eco-friendly product because the cooking oil is used for biofuel production, and thanks to the campaign, we raise the environmental awareness of our customers. Since the beginning of the campaign, we collected more than 700,000 kg used cooking oil in Hungary. The quantity and the awareness is growing year by year.