János Handó


Katica Tanya Élményközpont

People need to relax, to be entertained and to be continuously re-charged. Our mission is to provide visitors with the opportunity to engage in sustainable tourism, therefore the carbonfootprints of their visits should be minimized. For this reason, we only develop attractionsthat do not consume energy, and if they do, we produce this from renewable sources.

Sustainable climate-friendly tourism

Industry: Tourism, hotel sector

Date: 1997

Sustainable Lifestyles

Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Provide an adequate variety of sustainable products and services which are affordable and available for the majority of the population

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

The need for mobility and active recreation is growing in our rushing world. Therefore, it’s environmental impact will be more serious unless we provide sustainable and climate frinedly solutions for people who seek for relaxation.

Our company pursue to reach the following objective: the ecological footprint of the visit of our guests must be smaller than if they would have done something else instead of visiting us. In other words, the ecological footprint of the visit should be smaller than if the guest have stayed at home or have gone somewhere else. At Katica Tanya Élményközpont (Ladybird Farm Leisure Center) we pursue this objective in multiple ways:

  • we develop only such attractions that do not use any energy, if they use, we produce it from renewable energy sources,
  • we have our own ecological sewage treatment plant and selective wastecollection processes,
  • we cover 80% of our own energy needs from renewable sources,
  • we exciled the food and beverages that we believe are unhealthy,
  • our procurement strategy aims minimizing the number of suppliers and to work with local suppliers.

Business connection

Our business model is to esatblish the framework for climate-friendly and sustainable tourism. Key to this model is our energy management approach. Our energy strategy sometimes proves to be suboptimal from financial perspective and more labour intensive than business as usual pathway, but the ecological footprint offsets these aspects, which is key to us.

Due to our pricing model and values, 80% of our visitors repeat their visit within a year.


Today we provide 80% of our energy needs from renewable sources. Our strategic objective is to reach 100% within the next 2 years. As a result of our processes, the ecological footprint of our guests is smaller than if they have done something else. We believe that the short term profit drive must be overwritten by the long term valule driven approach.