Balázs Németh

leader of Változáskezelő Divízió

K&H Bank Zrt.

Based on the experiences of the past 30 year and contributing to the development of hundreds of thousands of companies, we can say that K & H understands the needs of domestic businesses, so using this knowledge we can provide professional background and assistance to startups, which can make the most in highly critical moments. We consider it very important that regarding the needs of businesses, by a mutual work we provide a sufficiently detailed professional information and help them from startups and promising ideas to become a successful and profitable companies in an easier and smoother way.

Start it @K&H

Industry: Financial services

Date: 2017-2018


Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Encourage life-long learning and adult education and training, especially for developing the ability to adapt and build resilience in a rapidly-changing environment, and promote leadership skills

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

Start it @K&H is an incubator, a community office run by K & H Group, which assists start-ups and is based on the Belgian Start it @KBC in Hungary ( During the incubator program, we lend a hand to startups of a very early stage with great potential in development and help them to achieve their goals regarding product development and investor search:

  • fixed office environment with the necessary infrastructure: 300 m2 of community office at the upper level of K&H’s building in Arany János street
  • a mentoring team experienced in the system of startups and individual mentors familiar with the environment of big companies
  • thorough training program: give the practical knowledge needed to operate the company in the future (startit university);
  • regular networking events: to create and maintain business relationships with future investors and partners;
  • acquiring international experiences: Top performing startups can get an insight into the programs and events of the Start It @KBC incubator in Belgium (for example Demo Days).

Phase 1: Pilot Program where startups can enter on a restricted basis (18 September – 31 December, 2017)

Phase 2: the open section of the program from March 2018: Startups can enter a tender every 6 months during a so-called Pitch Day, and from the outstanding participants, a professional jury will select the participants for the program. For the open section of the program, any startup can apply regardless of its scope, Start it @ K&H is not necessarily fintech-focused.

Business connection

The Bank is committed in providing not only financial services considering the customers’ needs but also in being a proactive, innovative, supportive partner of its environment at all times. From the 38 applicants representing five industries, 10 new companies were introduced into the Start it @K&H incubator, and got a place in the creative community, also serving as a source of inspiration, where they receive continuous business advices and trainings during the six-month incubation program, they can meet experts from different sectors, dedicated industry mentors help the company’s vigorous development and become involved in K&H’s domestic and international relationships.


During the first round peer review, we chose the applying startups considering to three criteria: we considered the quality of the idea, the team’s characteristics and the market potential. The best 16 teams were invited to the professional consultation called Pitch Day in the startup world, and after the final presentations, a jury consisting of experts from the bank sector and external experts decided on the teams entering the program.

Countless good ideas born around the world, and here in Hungary hundreds of companies are at the gate of global success, but most of them can not reach international success. The reason for this is that the idea and the starting team’s commitment alone is not enough for the success, there is also need for a professional team for the implementation. That is why the promotion of enterpreneurship is also a part of our CSR strategy, and we consider it as a necessity for this to support the world of startups, and seek for new solutions to today’s challenges.