Sándor Fasimon

Managing Director

MOL Plc.

Due to our career path supporting program, future career steps can be planned for years in advance, and the complexity of knowledge supports improving flexible work organization and availability. Our future plans include the establishment of a “Petrochemical Academy” and teaching central learning modules, moreover shortening in-service training time.

Post-exam system and career path supporting program

Industry: Energy

Date: 2017


Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Encourage life-long learning and adult education and training, especially for developing the ability to adapt and build resilience in a rapidly-changing environment, and promote leadership skills

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

The targets are the support of effective operations and the availability of workload by transparent, knowledge-centred, motivational career paths in the physical working positions.

In each factory a post-exam system had been created, which takes the complexities and unique distinguishes in account. The entering employees have to take the first post-exam during their probationary time, which is a requirement for their employment. Later further possibilities are given to improve their knowledge with several post-exams regarding to their own ambitions and the company’s needs. Each post-exam goes hand in hand with the increasement of the basic wage in each position. This way the schedules of their career paths can be planned for years, and the complexity of knowledge supports improving flexible work organization and availability.

The program can be originated to the Petrochemical and HR department of MOL. The training of the trainers, the elaboration of the schedules and the wage increasements are necessary. The launch of the program was at the beginning of 2017. The risks depend on the resource requirements’ acceptance, the schedules and the resources.

Business connection

As a transparent motivating system can be created by this program, the progression of one’s position is not linked directly to vacancies. By a complex knowledge, one can fulfil more position’s duties, and this way we can maintain a more flexible working schedule.


As impacts we can mention the strengthening of operational safety (by proper knowledge); the flexible organisation of the workload: one person can fulfil more position’s duties; and the plannable career paths as a motivating factor.

We can measure the impacts by the number of applicants, the number of successful post-exams (2017 H1: 151).

The transparent, available career paths, and the increasements of the wages are motivating factors.