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Hungrana Kft. is committed to sustainability in its business operation; we believe that successful production practices are in line with effective environmental protection, and are therefore committed to using environmentally friendly technologies and producing environmentally friendly products.

Placing coastal aquifer systems on the Danube

Industry: Food

Date: 2018


Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Improving the efficiency of water distribution and usage

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

Our company put into operation its coastal aquifers on the Danube, which helped to significantly reduce the pressure on the water base of Szabadegyháza and the surrounding settlements. Thereby we took a great step to protect the clean water supply for the future generation.

In coastal aquifer systems, the constantly increasing supply of water undergoes a filtration process under the surface, resulting in improved quality. A shore-filtered well utilizes the filtering ability of sandy, gravelly water permeable layers to extract water near a river or standing water. Water is not only filtered by sand and gravel, but also by the flora of the filter layer. The quality of the extracted water is the same as that of the groundwater. As such systems can be operated with a high capacity, they can be used to maintain a larger area of water.

Radial wells are typical tools for coastal water collection.

Coastal water is formed as a result of a slow leakage and purification process, however, there may be some substances in the water that require some post-cleaning.

Business connection

By building coastal aquifer wells, the company has also set a sustainable business plan as we need a vast amount of water in our daily production processes including our cooling towers. If we had not completed the project, we would have risked that the competent authority reduces our current daily discharge. As a result, our production would have dropped significantly.


We effectively protect the water supply of Szabadegyháza, ensuring long-term living conditions in the vicinity of our operating area. For the sustainable operation, it is essential to monitor the water supply of Szabadegyháza. In order to avoid damaging the Danube water supply, there is a continuous qualitative and quantitative analysis of incoming water, although the chance of this is negligible due to the flow of the river.