Péter Noszek

Managing Director

Nestlé Hungária Kft.

We want to be sure that the raw materials used during the production come from a responsible source. Therefore, we pay special attention to the sustainable and responsible production of the raw materials we use.

Nestlé Cocoa Plan

Industry: Food

Date: since 2009

Sustainable Lifestyles

Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Provide an adequate variety of sustainable products and services which are affordable and available for the majority of the population

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

The Nestlé Cocoa Plan Initiative was launched in 2009 and aims to solve and moderate the major problems of cocoa producers, moreover their families and communities. Its goal is to make farmers more profitable, improve their quality of life and educate their children.

The Cocoa Plan organizes trainings for farmers in Ecuador and in Côte d’Ivoire to increase the average production of crops, reduce the number of shrub diseases, protect the environment for higher-price, higher-quality crops.

Producers will be introduced to better conditions and techniques to do more productive work. Our partners in the program are UTZ, Fair Trade, Fair Labor Association, World Cocoa Foundation and International Cocoa Initiative.

We use cocoa from sustainable agriculture among the entire Nesquik Group, these products have the symbol of Nestlé Cocoa Plan and UTZ.

Business connection

By working in a close collaboration with producers’ organisations and by paying higher prices for quality products, our goal is to reduce the complexity of the supply chain, increase farmers’ incomes and improve the quality of cocoa that is used by Nestlé.


In 2016, we contributed to the development with 2.16 million of higher-yield cocoa shrubs and provided education for 57.000 farmers. More results can be found at www.nestlecocoaplan.com.