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Hungary is rich in water resources, however there are doubts whether we utilize these resources in a proper way or not. Running river hydro power plants, beside water flow management, helps our fight against climate change as well. When looking at a 100 year old asset operating through 21st century technology as an end result of modernization, we see that efficiency is improved, green power production is increased, and life cycle is extended. In the same time we manage to pay a tribute to tradition and history. I’m sure every visitor of Felsődobsza hydro power plant will feel the same.



Modernization (repowering) of old hydro power plants

Industry: Energy

Date: 2013


Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Improving water utility and adapting to the continuously changing circumstances and availability of water

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

The Felsodobsza and Gibart hydro power plants were constructed more than 100 year ago, and have been operating since that time. But the energy equipment of the power plants have reached the end of their lifetime. A modernization makes possible a more efficient utilization of the existing renewable energy resource and consideration of the environment protection aspects are ensured. The feasibility studies has clearly showed the benefit of the modernization compared to green field investments. The modernization of the Felsodobsza hydro power plant was already implemented in 2013: The original turbines were replaced by new, high efficiency ones, and a new fish escape route was also constructed. Alteo is planning a similar modernization of Gibart hydro power plant in 2019.

Business connection

Electric power production is the main activity of ALTEO, and our goal is to optimize our portfolio aligned to climate change challenges by integrating alternative and renewable resources.
In 2013, the annual electric power production of the hydro power plant in Felsodobsza has been almost doubled with the same water flow, and the lifetime was significantly extended. Without the modernization the hydro power plants would have a much higher maintenance costs, and would produce much less electric power. All these represent a business advantage for ALTEO.
The old building of the hydro power plant was also reconstructed, and today is a touristic attraction, which beside social aspects leads to additional business advantages.


The annual electric power production capacity of the hydro power plant has been almost doubled with the same water flow, the lifetime was significantly extended, and water resource utilization has been increased. During the modernization a new fish escape route was also constructed, improving the ecological system and the fauna of the river.
The old building, which is national monument, was also reconstructed, and a small museum was created at the same place.
Before the reconstruction of Felsodobsza power plant the annual power production was 3.016 MWh, which increased to 5.443 MWh after reconstruction. Increased green power production makes a significant contribution to carbon–dioxide emission savings. We expect similar results from the reconstruction of Gibart hydro power plant. The reconstruction is expected to be finished in 2019.