Robert Stöllinger


KPMG Hungária Kft.

The key to the success of our company is our managers who are capable of changing and adapting in an innovative way. To do this, you can get immediate, practical support from the ManageMentor app.


Industry: Business services

Date: 2017


Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Encourage life-long learning and adult education and training, especially for developing the ability to adapt and build resilience in a rapidly-changing environment, and promote leadership skills

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

The ManageMentor programme was launched in the middle of 2017 to provide our managers with an opportunity for development, besides training, and support them with the use of applicable, modern technologies. The ManageMentor is an application that is accessible on a mobile at all times, and supports the intensification and practical acquisition of skills that were learned during training.
The application offers instant help with management situations and problems that frequently arise for leaders, who can also track their own progress.
The application’s philosophy is rooted in strong-point based management, and provides practical suggestions for the most frequently encountered concrete management challenges and dilemmas. Besides helping with the acquisition of new knowledge, it supports the practical application of pre-existing skills using a variety of behavioural science methods, and is thus a perfect auxiliary resource for the leader training programmes in the company.
More specifically, it does not provide new knowledge, but it constantly reminds leaders about things that must not be forgotten. Its special feature is its provision of “microlearning” opportunities (3-5 minute learning intervals), so it does not distract the leader from everyday work by wasting their time.

Business connection

The failure of most management training can be traced back to the fact that managers find it difficult to apply knowledge they have obtained during their day-to-day working lives. The ManageMentor smartphone application provides assistance for exactly this problem. It efficiently develops the manager’s skills/competences, which leads to an improvement in overall efficiency.


Our desired results:

  • A faster, more effective decision-making mechanism,
  • employer-employee relationship improvement, fewer superficial connections,
  • more conscious and stronger leader competencies,
  • improving situation awareness of leaders, widening their toolbox.