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Allianz Hungária Zrt.

Although we are currently surrounded by a number of trends which shape our future we don’t have enough time and the necessary knowledge to fully understand these changes. In order to encourage the Hungarian population to make more responsible and sustainable decisions we provide information and try to change mind-sets. Allianz Hungary created a website for knowledge sharing, brainstorming and inspiring to promote sustainable use of recourses and smart solutions.


Knowledge Site and Common Future Conference

Industry: Financial services

Date: 2015

Sustainable Lifestyles

Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Empower consumers to increase their demand for sustainable products and services by providing reliable, actionable, user-friendly consumer information, communication and education

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

Allianz Hungary can effectively prepare for the future owing to its Knowledge Site and Common Future Conference which draws a variety of perspectives for both consumers and decision makers. The conference creates a platform for exchange of views and ideas. The speeches about the present and future are clear, often sobering and sometimes thought-provoking. The performing experts, scientists all come armed with solutions for anticipating, managing the changes that lie ahead. We are interested in how our environment is changing from the perspective of climate change, upcoming revolution in workforce, technologies we use, and security policy. Our intention is to explore how our societies are changing relating to communities, medicine and diversity. We believe that platforms like these can broaden minds of the consumers and throw spotlight on sustainable way of living. Furthermore, by establishing knowledge sharing platforms Allianz Hungary supports finding new business solutions and social innovations.

Business connection

Due to Knowledge Site, Social Media platforms and Common Future Conference shareholders can be sufficiently prepared for what lies ahead in the matter of the global climate changes, financial awareness and also issues like social inequality or well-being of elderly people.


Knowledge Site, Common Future Conference and the number of visitors of the Facebook page as well demonstrate the success of the programme. Besides this, the programme gives opportunity for the participants, speakers, exhibitors to appear in the communication channels of Allianz Hungary with significant topics, therefore Allianz Hungary contributes to the promotion of sustainable solutions,