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We are aware of our environmental responsibility and sustainability is at the heart of our policies and practices. Our products are manufactured and marketed in accordance with ecological guidelines, as this is the best solution for both business and the environment.

Installing water filters in the office

Industry: Manufacturing

Date: 2018


Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Improving the efficiency of water distribution and usage

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

We have considered the areas where, beyond our core business, our office can be exemplary and effective regarding sustainability and environmental protection. We realized that one of the most polluting practice in our office is the consumption of bottled water. We wanted to change this and act as more conscious consumers to reduce the resulting PET waste.

Thus, we provided water dispensing devices connected to the water network, which are suitable for producing cold, warm and carbonated water as well.

The instruction room has a balloon water dispenser, and the service technicians still have bottled water that they can take with them to the work area.

For a more comfortable water consumption, we provided our colleagues with a 0.6 Liter, personal, BPA-free bottle.

The implementation took 8 weeks from the idea to the installation. During this time, a background material was conducted (which legitimised the decision and answered the colleague’s questions), the water filtering and dispensing system were selected, the necessary networks were set up, and the appropriate BPA free water bottles were chosen and subtitled to the colleagues.

Business connection

On average, we produce more than 10,500 PET bottles per year. This means a 75% decrease of PET bottle use, and a 65% cost reduction for our company.

The business case also lies in the ability to adapt to other companies.


Strong internal, campaign-like communication was necessary to convince our employees about the usefulness and importance of the new practice introduced. Ultimately, we have not only reduced the environmental burden, but also strengthened our employees’ sustainability approach.