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HVG in cooperation with the BCSDH has published the HVG Sustainable Development Plus for seven years now, in order to create a forum for domestic and international professionals, companies and institutions who have a word about the environmental and social impacts of their business. As an operator of the domestic media market, we create unique publications each year.”

HVG Sustainable Development Plus

Industry: Advertisement and media

Date: yearly since 2012

Sustainable Lifestyles

Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Empower consumers to increase their demand for sustainable products and services by providing reliable, actionable, user-friendly consumer information, communication and education

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

Today’s problems of proper customer empowerment, informing on sustainability issues and the encouragement, that everyone can act within their reach to ensure oneself a sustainable lifestyle, are all solvable and must be solved.

Since 2012, HVG has been publishing the HVG Sustainable Development Plus publication in cooperation with BCSDH, which has aimed to enhance the awareness of the readers on sustainability. Besides, we would like to create a forum for organizations and companies, that can serve good examples for others, considering the environmental and social impacts of their activities.

Business connection

Sustainable Development Plus is a pioneering initiative in the Hungarian press. Its relevant, professionally funded topics and authors focus tens of thousands of businesspeople’s attention on the importance of the covered topics and the activities of BCSDH. Typically, six topics are covered in the more than 100 pages of the publication: global challenges, energy, agriculture, architecture, transport, and sustainable society.


HVG’s publications and internet platforms deliver public, economic-political news and analyzes them to more than one and a half million people. According to the survey of Ipsos, HVG is the most relevant weekly newspaper for business decision-makers.

The HVG Sustainability Development Plus publication was published in 10,000 copies in 2017.