Sándor Fasimon

Managing Director

MOL Plc.

The Growww is a program for fresh graduates, which educates the next generation workforce of the company since 2007. It provides more than 170 jobs each year in 13 countries. After completing the program, most of the participants continue their careers here, and since 2007 two thousand entrants have been recruited. They are the employees, experts and leaders of the future.

Growww Programme

Industry: Energy

Date: since 2007 continuously


Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Improve the inclusive employment of disadvantaged people according to their share of the population, especially that of young people and minorities through the whole value chain

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

The Growww program has been functioning since 2007 for fresh graduates which support the supply of workforce for the company. The program provides a holistic training about the company’s operations by managerial presentations and visitations in the company. The competence development trainings, mentoring programs and project works are integrated.

The main advantages of the programme are providing reinforcement for the MOL‘s subsidiaries, helping the integrity of graduates and reducing their required time of learning proccess. These aspects are supported by the networking-system that encompasses different divisions and is set to help the participants’ improvement.

They are the employees, experts and leaders of the future. The programme was adjusted to the demands of the market and was founded by the MOL Human Resources division.

Furthermore, additional improvements were made and are still continued to be adjusted. The cooperation of some various fields is critical (Human Resources, Communications, Business Leaders).

The program’s length is 1 year, preparation needs to be initiated 10 months before the beginning (campaign, recruitment, concept). It focuses on providing them the opportunity of a prosperous carrier.

The key to the program’s success and sustainability is the renewal, the employer branding and the adaptation to the ever-changing generational expectations, for example by digitalizing the learning processes.

Business connection

The program is diverse as it provides jobs in the field of engineering, economics, IT, science and social economics. The basic elements ensure the integrity and stability of this diversified team.


The Growww provides 170 job opportunities in 13 countries. After completing the programme, the majority of the participants proceed to work here, Since 2007 two thousand entrant’s application got accepted. It also encourages women to look for jobs in the sector of oil and gas industry. As a result, the rate of female applicants has grown by 35% in comparison to the industrial rate.

Since 2013, 76% of the participants continued to work at the MOL group.