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ALTEO Energiaszolgáltató Nyrt.

Nowadays, more and more companies would like to fight climate change and choose energy that has been generated from renewable sources. However, they are not capable of paying much more for this green energy. To address this issue – in accordance with regulations – we provide a simple and comprehensible way to purchase energy, and we offer a certain amount of renewable energy to our clients too. Its green origin is guaranteed. Through these activities we not only help to decrease carbon emission, but we foster the development of a new industry and new technology as well. We are contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable environment with the yearly production of more than 30 gigawatt hours – equivalent to the annual consumption of approximately 13-15 thousand households – of green electricity


Green energy with a guarantee of origin

Industry: Energy

Date: Since 2014

Clean energy

Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Mitigation of climate change risks and flexible adaptation through effective monitoring, education and communication, and developing new technologies and business models

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

Companies will be able to purchase renewable energy, which origin will be guaranteed. ALTEO’s aim to support the spread of renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions and fight against global warming.

Business connection

The electricity end-user can demonstrate the support of renewable energy expansion with a guarantee of origin. With this business solution customers have the possibility easily and effectively act responsibly, and do for the environmental protection in their everyday life, operation.
This solution is in line with the main activity of ALTEO. Our aim is to the increase the portion of renewable energy within our portfolio, and by this we encourage the spread of climate-friendly solutions and their availability in the energy industry. The guarantee of origin is a surplus revenue for the ALTEO, thus the renewable power generation projects could operate economically after the given period of Mandatory Takeover and contribute to the implementation of further projects.


In 2018, we contributed to a cleaner, more sustainable environment with more than 42 gigawatt hours green electricity per year – which equivalents appr. 20 thousand households annual consumption.
It would be a possible indicator the number of partners using this solution as well as the plus revenue coming from this new solution, as the operating plants economical operation could be sustained longer than the original plan.