Sándor Fasimon

Managing Director

MOL Plc.

Our company is committed to maintaining workplace diversity, one of its pillars is to assist the female workforce in the oil industry. The purpose of the Female Engineers MOL Program is to provide support for female full-time students with outstanding abilities and academic achievements at the designated universities.

Female Engineers MOL Programme

Industry: Energy

Date: since 2016


Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Promote women to management and leadership positions, improve diversity in decision-making bodies, increase the proportion of female mid-level and executive managers to 20% in the business sector

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

The Female Engineers MOL Programme is a unique initiative, which aims to support talented and hard-working female university students. The company also offers an opportunity to participate in the International Oil and Gas conference, moreover one student can get the possibility to internally observe and participate in the operation of an international oil company. The chosen one can get to know to the processes, the structure of the company and first she can get a trainee position, then a job contract will be offered at the company.

The company is committed in encouraging diversity, one of its pillar is supporting the female workforce in the oil industry. The rate of female colleagues is about 20% in the whole company, and we are looking forward to increasing this rate by supporting female students’ path in the oil or engineering industry.

The program was created due to the business demands of the HR department of the company, and it has involved the representatives and the relevant partners from the beginning. The campaign, which targeted to address the participants, has been launched in 2016 and the preparing and implementation has taken 6 months.

The main challenge was finding the proper communicational channels, and phrasing vocative messages for the female students.

It is crucial for sustainability to create a strategic connection with the local universities and to continuously strengthen the employer branding in order to be an appealing workplace for the students.

A fenntarthatósághoz elengedhetetlen a régió egyetemeivel stratégiai kapcsolat kiépítése és a munkáltatói márka folyamatos erősítése, hogy a diákok számára vonzó munkahelyként legyünk jelen a piacon.

Business connection

The management of the company is committed in the employment of talented female students, so the managers personally meet and jury the applicants, and many of them become their mentor.


In 2016, 3 out of 69 applicants were chosen as winners, one Croatian, one Pakistani and one Hungarian student, the Hungarian girl is employed through our Growww program since 2017.

We measure the impacts by the increasing number of female workers, the strengthening of the employer branding and the improvement of the supply in the engineering an oil industry.