Zsolt Jamniczky

Member of the Board

E.ON Hungária Zrt.

Experts have been concerned about solving the power supply of relatively low-energy, non-electrified, isolated properties and farms in a cost-efficient way, because in the absence of a network, only burning large amounts of fossil fuels can be used to provide ad hoc emerging energy. E.ON Energy Container is a 21st century, modern, alternative solution, which is capable of generating electricity locally with a renewable energy source, independently of the grid, and storing it in the short term.

Electrifying isolated properties

Industry: Energy

Date: since 2015 continuously

Climate change

Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Decreasing greenhouse gas emissions per capita via climate friendly transport and buildings, and by increasing the proportion of renewable energy from 15% in the total energy mix

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

The development of E.ON is the perfect solution for an environmentally friendly energy supply of isolated municipalities, farms and temporary accommodations. The Energy container does not only work just occasionally, but it can also be a solution for households, that are far away from a larger group of settlements, so it would cost a lot for them to connect to the network. In other cases, due to other restrictions, such as nature zone classification, they could not be approached by underground cables or electricity poles either. The operation is also easy for the users, since E.ON continuously monitors its operation and optimizes the power generation. The solar cell system installed on the container has a performance of 10 kW, and the generated electricity can be utilized in three ways. It can either be used directly or stored in battery containers or it could be hydrolysed, so if there is no direct consumption and the batteries are already charged, the hydrolysis begins, resulting that the hydrogen is being stored in cylinders located on the outside of the container. This way, at night or in overcast days, when there is no sunshine and solar cells can not generate electricity, we can get it from the previously stored hydrogen gas. Thus, the energy demand of an average household can be permanently covered by the container.

Business connection

Energy Container provides services for E.ON’s existing and potential customers, to whom it provides a secure, climate-friendly solution for specific, unique needs.



The electricity generated by the container annually amounts to 6000 kWh, which disburdens the atmosphere from 2.1 tons of CO2 production, based on the calculations of the domestic energy production mix. In Hungary, there are 1000 farms in use without electricity supply, this solution can offer an option for them. In addition, the electricity supply of other properties and objects can be safely implemented with this system.

The container is currently providing electricity for a hunting lodge as a pilot project. The experiences has been positive so far, there has been no interruption in the supply, the user is very satisfied with the system.