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The basis of the relationship between a manager and their colleagues, and the basic tool for motivating employees is continuous and yearly one-on-one, thoughtful, far-reaching feedback.

We also need feedback in our private life, but its significance in work is even more appreciated. Continuous and consistent feedback provides a safe environment, clear and understandable expectations, and learning and development opportunities for employees. As a leader, it is important to pay special attention to this feedback, whether it is provided regularly, daily, weekly, occasional, or semi-annually.

Effective Performance Evaluation

Industry: Building and estate

Date: continuously


Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Encourage life-long learning and adult education and training, especially for developing the ability to adapt and build resilience in a rapidly-changing environment, and promote leadership skills

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

Many organisations apply a performance monitoring system. At Future FM it has always been an expectation of senior management that management and mid-office staff should be evaluated through a performance evaluation system that is complete with targets and a tailored feedback system.

However, we have noticed that these systems do not really function effectively, and do not provide proper feedback to colleagues. This is why we have started to improve the system’s efficiency.

We provide training for colleagues who undertake the evaluation process so they can correctly prepare themselves for an assessment meeting and learn how to conduct it properly considering all of its features. We have also created a short written handbook about these tools.

We provide daily feedback to our employees. We also review our current position in the light of our objectives during short, bi-annual discussions. Our year-end assessment has not one, but two purposes. On the one hand, we measure the employee’s whole-year performance, attitude, workplace and personal improvement, and on the other we allocate and discuss next years’ targets and development orientation, and we formulate and disseminate the leader’s expectations. As this can never be a scheme that perfectly suits everyone, the feedback is unique and completely customized to each participant. For this very reason it is personal and effective.

Business connection

We have observed that a properly functioning evaluation system has positive impacts on business operations: it fosters customized development, increases employee commitment and decreases turnover, which affects productivity and the financial effectiveness of the company.


A great majority of employees have strongly welcomed the discussions and their assessments. Surprisingly, even employees who have many areas in which they need development have given us positive feedback. Such customized, personal feedback supports individual improvement, signalling the importance of each and every employee.