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Some of you may think that we are going against our short-term business interests when we teach customers how to be energy aware. This is not so at all. The modern energy world sets new values and new directions for all of us, and sustainability, the use of “smart” solutions, the creation of energy communities, the new customer and technological solutions are all part of the present. E.ON has split its operations and organization in this spirit, and the new E.ON already features the modern energy company of the future. The goal of the E.ON Energy Communities program developed together with the GreenDependent Institute is to save energy so that the quality of life will not deteriorate but, according to what the participants say, may actually improve. It is important for us too that consumers become more aware both environmentally and economically as well as more open and creative, and – what the program’s greatest value is – in the meantime, they will have built a new kind of community. The average savings of the 160 households involved in the competition in 2015 has been 9%, which means a total of more than 120,000 kWh saved. The members of the winning Rate Tamers community in Egyházasfalu saved 54.9% of their energy compared to their previous reference consumption. They even calculated their carbon footprint, which they compensated for by planting 115 indigenous trees throughout the participating communities. The greatest value for us is that we are shaping a sustainable lifestyle together with our clients.


The E.ON Energy Communities program

Industry: Energy

Date: folyamatban

Sustainable Lifestyles

Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Empower consumers to increase their demand for sustainable products and services by providing reliable, actionable, user-friendly consumer information, communication and education

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

The issue of energy efficiency is being given greater emphasis in light of climate change, and although buildings and transportation are two key areas of intervention, we should not forget about the everyday energy consumption of the people. Our company surveyed the environmental impact of products/services, and it is obvious that there is a significant impact on the consumers as well. We are committed to energy aware company operations, but the real impact can only be attained together with our customers, consumers and partners – so the key to the solution is to inform, develop and empower them. In 2015 E.ON Hungária Zrt organized its Energy Communities program together with the GreenDependent Institute, which is aimed at promoting energy savings in households and communities as well as a change in lifestyle. In the course of this program, which is at the same time a competition, the participants learn how they can save a significant amount of energy in their homes without any financial investment while also building a cooperative community. Nominations can be submitted by groups of 5 to 10 families. These are the so-called Energy Communities. The community is managed by adult climate coordinators and, if possible, young energy hunters over the age of ten. Their task is to ensure that the meters are read and that everybody in the community learns about possible ways to save energy. Their work is supported by the expert team of GreenDependent. The communities that save the most energy will receive valuable prizes.

Business connection

The program helps increase the energy awareness and energy efficiency of households and families. In addition, they can save energy and resources without reducing their quality of life. Moreover, the number of participants has recently increased, which has significantly contributed to and strengthened the efficient cooperation and the good relations between E.ON Hungária Zrt and the communities. Satisfied and conscious consumers pose less business risk for us, and as a result, we have a better chance for long-term planning and for the development and introduction of energy conscious innovations.


The communities were able to save an average of 8-10% of their energy and water, but the real enthusiastic ones were able to reduce their consumption by as much as 15-20% while at the same time putting together a climate-friendly menu and organizing a green party as part of the creative tasks. In addition, the energy awareness and energy efficiency of the communities was raised without sacrificing the quality of life, which in some cases actually increased. This program is used to enable families and communities to take the first important steps towards a greener, more sustainable lifestyle. The communities participating in the competition even calculated their carbon footprint and planted indigenous trees during the program to neutralize it.