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BASF Hungary Ltd.

Our strategy is currently based on innovations, that enable farmers to feed a growing population and support them in facing new challenges such as limited available arable land, diseases, and climate change.

Developing agricultural digitization and innovation

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Date: folyamatban

Food and Feed

Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Source raw materials from sustainable farm operations; strengthen the cooperation between local suppliers, food producers and distributors, improve regional value-added food networks based on local resources.

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

BASF’s new strategy for the agricultural sector aims to support the success of both local farmers and farmers around the world by fully connecting seed, crop protection and digital solutions. By 2029, the number of new projects launched will reach 30. These solutions will expand the product range with new kinds of seeds, herbicides, sustainable cotton production solutions, digital products, and other new formulations. New products are also expected in the field of plant protection, as BASF will soon launch a new insecticide, and several Revysol® type fungicides will be introduced this year, which is a new generation of high-performance fungicides. BASF is working to remedy the problem of nutrient loss and ammonia emissions in the soil, as the Limus® CL urease inhibitor recommended for this purpose significantly reduces the nitrogen loss suffered, which also reduces the burden on the environment. For sustainable cotton production, BASF has developed Fibermax® and Stoneville® seeds, which can be traced from the farmer to the retailer, providing consumers information, whether the item purchased is made in a fair, economically viable and responsible manner.
Their unique Xarvio™ Field Manager application, which allows farmers to check the condition of their field at any time, makes the daily lives of half a million producers in more than 30 countries easier.

Business connection

BASF is preparing to launch more than 30 new products by 2028, thus expecting billions of euros in revenue from these. With this method, the company can significantly support its customers in achieving maximum returns, reducing weather-related risks and pressures from disease, moreover, support farming in meeting the demands of society.


In 2019 alone, the company spent 879 million euros on R&D within the Agricultural Solutions division, this represents approximately 11% of the segment’s sales. According to BASF, the potential value of its innovative agricultural solutions is expected to reach 7,5 billion euros at its peak.