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ALTEO Energiaszolgáltató Nyrt.

A dedicated, loyal and enthusiastic employee is worth gold. However, it is important to focus not only on colleagues with many years of experience, but also on keeping talented young people. In 2018, we launched the ALTEO Talent Program with the intention of giving the opportunity to develop and professionalize, with which we can support their career path and commitment to the company.

ALTEO Talent Program

Industry: Energy

Date: 2018


Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Improve the inclusive employment of disadvantaged people according to their share of the population, especially that of young people and minorities through the whole value chain

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

For our talented young employees, in 2018, we launched our two-year-long talent program, which they could enter through an application. In addition to competency development trainings, they take part in individual and group work, providing opportunities for personal development and professional progression as well. During the program mentors from sponsors and top managers will also help their individual development.

Business connection

A dedicated, loyal and enthusiastic employee is worth gold. Beside to retaining the experts with many years of experience, we have also focused on attracting talented young people and maintaining their knowledge and youthful momentum in the organization over the long term. After providing opportunities for their development and paying attention to their career paths they can become a committed driving force to the organization. For a company that wants to grow dynamically, it is especially important to keep “organizational knowledge” and to have a stable base for development.


The first year of the Talent Program was a great success, already. One of the ambitious youngsters had a leadership position at the end of the first year, and since then has been strengthening the ALTEO team as a leader. Besides one of our colleagues, who attended the program, could have been tested in a commissioned leader position for a few months. As the program aims to achieve long-term success primarily, the actual results will be measurable by the career path of the talent program’s participants and the number of years they spent at our organization. However, the impact of the program can already be felt for the organization. As a result of project work, several processes have been reviewed and many optimizations have been made as a result of their development proposals.