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UTB Envirotec Ltd.

Our goal in the long term is to protect the quality of different water resources as water is one of our most essential natural resource.  Our engagement is to provide appropriate wastewater treatment technologies which not only fullfill the legal requirements, but also reduce the environmental footprint. It is important for us that sewage treatment plants should be able to adapt to climate change caused by changing weather conditions.

Advanced and efficient wastewater treatment for the protection of water resources

Industry: Business services

Date: Continuously since 2013


Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Maintaining water quality through the protection of subsoil and surface water by effectively treating all wastewater and effectively managing other related emissions

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

Conventional wastewater treatment plants have large land requirements, are energy and chemical hungry which leads to significant environmental burden on our ecosystems. Therefore we have developed our outstanding technology which is able to increase the operation efficiency while decrease the environmental impacts, thus more effectively contribute to resource conservation and improving water quality. When CyclatorTM technology is applied, large clarifiers can be avoided, less sludge is generated, furthermore chemical and energy use is significantly lowered. Simultaneously, CyclatorTM technology effectively removes organics from wastewater, while is excellent in nutrient withdrawal and producing high quality purified water. CyclatorTM is a sequencing batch reactor which is highly flexible, efficient, it has an advanced process control system, saves energy and water.  With its implementation, the protection and high quality of the surface and groundwater is realised. The appropriate treatment contributes to potencial emission reduction. Thanks to the flexibility of the technology, it can be adapted to different wastewater conditions and constantly changing weather conditions. The smaller footprint mitigates the environmental burden on the ecosystems, while fosssil energy use is decreased and the quality of the water resources is improved.

Business connection

Nowadays a great challenge is to decrease the investment and operational costs of wastewater treatment while ensuring the improvement in efficiency and the environmental features. CyclatorTM technology can contribute to the reduction of the investments costs due to the lower volumes required for wastewater treatment, furthermore large equalization tank is not required although the wastewater supply is continuous. Simultaneously, the removal of phosphorus is more efficient, while the technology is flexible to different wastewater and precipitation quantities. At the same time chemical and energy savings can be realized too. The cost per unit of investment compared to the traditional technologies is lower, while cleaning efficiency is improved which represents environmental benefits. Since sludge recirculation is not required, the chemical and energy demand is lowered, therefore the operating costs are reduced. Less basin volume is required per unit of wastewater, the costs are decreasing and thanks to the flexibility and advanced operating software of the technology the maintanance expenditure is reduced. The unique feed-forward process contributes to the utilization of the full cycle time compared to the conventional SBR where only 50% is utilised.


UTB Envirotec Ltd. has more than 20 years of experience on wastewater treatment and considered it necessary the need to develop an innovative and efficient SBR technology. It is important to continuously modernize wastewater technologies to reduce its environmental footprint. A critical barrier is the ability of municipalities to a spend resources on innovative and modern developments. More than 25 reference plants have been realized in Hungary alone and also some municipal and industrial references in abroad. In order to fulfill the stringent environmental regulations, there will be an ever increasing need for efficient wastewater technologies.

During the operation of CyclatorTM technology the energy consumption is reduced by 30-40% compared to conventional technologies. In addition chemical dosage can be lowered up to 10%.  The treated water quality can be guaranteed according to the followings: 25/35/30/2 mg / L (BOD / TSS/ TN /TP).  CyclatorTM technology space requirement by approximately 30% smaller than conventional. The technology can easily adapt to climate change caused extreme weather and increased precipitation conditions due to its well-tuned operation. In addition it can operate with peak loads thanks to the fully automated technology. The unique BiodecTM floating decanter removes the purified water.