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Our main goal is to protect the quantity and quality of water, and to preserve and improve the environmental conditions of water. Personally, I find the issue of rainwater utilization exciting. You can see a natural resource being wasted in front of you, its better utilization is almost only an issue of providing the infrastructure, but we do not consider it like this at all. Meanwhile, variable rainfall distribution and the prospective costs of increases in the consumption of water are pressing challenges. Modern rainwater management not only helps to avoid the damage caused by rainwater, but it may help by increasing the options available for its recovery, not to mention protecting aquatic habitats as well.

Rainwater usage

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Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Improving water utility and adapting to the continuously changing circumstances and availability of water

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

These days one of the repeatedly emerging environmental problems is that high intensity precipitation floods roads, gardens and apartments, causing significant damages. We can fight this phenomenon with coordinated and unified landscaping and forest management, as well as by using the tools of protection against inland water and applying the methods of modern precipitation management in settlements. Such measures may include including the ration of using water permeable surfaces and covering materials in the settlements, using delayed drainage of water by building decentralized precipitation reservoirs, using ditch systems transporting inland water and settlement precipitation, reconstructing and cleaning culverts, retaining and establishing water based habitats. These solutions require novel approaches, as developing. Planning and implementing these capacities necessitate new and unusual methods. Additionally, precipitation currently is an unused natural resource which we simply let through our infrastructure – that generates substantial costs – instead of applying different ways of putting them to use.

Business connection

BDL helps organizations and settlements to develop the most efficient and from the aspects of environmental protection the progressive solution for settlements, applying its business solutions ranging from planning, consulting to implementation. The challenge is that we need to appropriately assist parties struggling with precipitation, rainfall when identifying and considering environmental trends; therefore in the implementation phase we take decisions on the token of long term effectiveness.


BDL prepared the precipitation drainage plans of Sopron and Budakeszi, and in these cities there are tangible evidences that upon receiving extreme level of rainfall there is less environmental, social and economic damage. Further to business, in the course of professional activities – including participation in water related professional works or actively contributing to the process of Action 2020 Hungary – we try to raise awareness about utilizing water and about environmentally conscious water management, so that consequently everybody views rainfall as a possibility, as opposed to a mere problem.