Péter Ratatics

MOL-Group Executive Vice President for Consumer Services

MOL Plc.

In MOL’s strategy for 2030, it has been stated that a much larger role is addressed in mobility services: selling kilometers instead of liters in order to be the number one choice to the ones on the road. It makes all the services available, that help you during travelling and make your journey more comfortable. In this strategy the public car-sharing system can be perfectly adapted, which will have a key role in the cities of the future. According to the experiences of those european cities that are leaders in car-sharing, one shared car can substitute five to ten owned vehicles. This solution is a perfect tool to alleviate the traffic, the congestion of cities and in parallel it has a positive impact on the environment.

MOL Limo – The future of cars

Industry: Energy

Date: since January 2018

Sustainable Lifestyles

Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Provide an adequate variety of sustainable products and services which are affordable and available for the majority of the population

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What´s the solution?

One of the greatest challenges of the 21st century is to reduce the harmful impacts of traffic, while preserving the benefits of mobility. One of the solutions of this seemingly controversial problem may be car-sharing, which is based on a more efficient use of the existing vehicles, moreover it opens a door for electric cars, producing no pollutants to help the environmental and economic sustainability. Experiences show, that all shared vehicles can substitute 5 to 10 private vehicles, which can reduce the traffic, the needed parking space and contribute to moderating the noise and air pollution.

In the Enter Tomorrow strategy of 2030, MOL places emphasis on developing mobility services, and on extending its traditional operating branches. As one of the milestones of the new business model, we launched a community car sharing service called MOL Limo in January 2018. We primarily aim at those, who are eco-conscious and who would also enjoy the benefits of mobility without the costs of owning a car, thus contributing to the purity of the air in the capital. The fleet has 100 electric and 200 petrol Volkswagen Up!  type cars. The service covers 10 districts of the city – in addition to the city center and busier outer districts. During the first month of our operations, we have reached the planned number of registrations for the entire year of 2018, with more than 1000 individual customers using MOL Limo on a daily basis. In parallel with the expansion of the service, we will install 54 electric car chargers in Hungary by 2020.

Business connection

Limo is an integral part of MOL’s new business strategy of 15 years adopted in 2016, and one of its objectives is that MOL becoming the first choice to the ones on the road. Our main task is to develop the alternatives, in which we can provide the energy and tools needed for the mobility of customers and the distance travelled. Those, who consider environmental awareness, mobility a cost-effective driving important, will find a good partner in Limo cars. The MOL Limo public car sharing service includes 100 electric and 200 gasoline-powered, easy-to-use and economical Volkswagen Up! cars available for the users. The service area is 60 km2, and in addition to the inner districts of Budapest, many of the frequented external districts are included. MOL’s goal is to extend the scope of the service to Budapest’s whole administrative boundary by 2020 and double the fleet of cars. As a member of the NEXT-e consortium, we will build an electric fast-charging network in the region, providing a total of 252 equipment from the Czech border to the Black Sea and the Adriatic which will work as an electricity supply from 2020.

In addition to MOL Limo’s ability to provide a tool and an alternative for a cost-effective, environmentally-conscious everyday urban transport, it also builds a community as our users can communicate with each other and the MOL Limo through social media, which has a goal and result in helping, informing and communicating with each other mutually. This creates a local community where environmental awareness is in focus and thanks to its expanding number of memberships, it can also promote it.


The popularity of MOL Limo since the launch of the service has been constant among the residents of Budapest: we have more than 30,000 registered customers and the users have made nearly 1 million kilometers by the cars. Through the channels of social media, the number of followers and supporters continue to rise, which is a result of an intense and direct communication. The personal communication with the users is guaranteed by MOL Limo’s customer service and team – consisting of enthusiastic MOL Limo users – are available to the customers through phone, email and also on social media surfaces at every hour of every day.

Thanks to the continuous development of the application and the fleet, the expansion of services and the Limo zone, as well as to the dedicated and enthusiastic team, MOL Limo is the tool to achieve the Enter Tomorrow Strategy 2030 of the MOL Group, which means to be the first choice of the customers.