Sándor Fasimon

Managing Director

MOL Plc.

MOL’s core business, oil and gas production is among the most energy intensive industries. Continuous improvement of the efficiency of our energy consumption not only increases the competitiveness of MOL, but also contributes to spread the perspective of sustainable management of resources and preservation of our environment. In doing so, we are able to protect our natural resources for the next generations. Therefore, MOL pays special attention to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and improve energy efficiency.

Efficiency improving programs and introduction of energy management system

Industry: Energy

Date: 2015 - 2018

Climate change

Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Shift to low carbon economy by increasing effective energy use and industrial energy efficiency, promoting clean and environmentally friendly technologies and life cycle assessment

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

In the Downstream division a new, 3 year long, complex program started in 2015 called Next Downstream Program. This involves many energy efficiency projects contributing to improve our sustainability.

These include the projects to develop the efficiency of the furnaces, with the installation of Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) measurement technology. This technology analyses flue gas from fired heaters and ensures that they operate in a more efficient, safer, nearly maintenance-free way. This enables the CO2 emissions and the quantity of gas / fuel gas to be reduced by 2-3%.

To enhance heat integration and heat recovery, heat exchangers were installed, converted and cleaned in several business areas. Heat exchangers, to pre-heat raw materials, were purified between the turnaround cycles and the streams used for pre-heating were restructured. To exploit waste heat, new heat exchangers were also installed.

Furthermore, to improve energy efficiency heat stations were reconstructed and renovated.

Business connection

Energy cost is one of the most significant and dominant elements of MOL’s operating cost. This program will lead to a reduction in energy consumption and environmental impact, which results in the cost savings of several areas. The development will contribute to improving the competitiveness of MOL and the reduction of emissions.


One of our main achievements is that innovative technologies are used company-wide. Our contractors will also learn these technologies, thus we can improve the energy consciousness of our value chain. In 2015, within the framework of the energy efficiency programs, about 500 000 GJ of primary energy and 28 thousand tons of CO2 were saved in our downstream division.