Andrea Bujdosó

Chairman of the Board

Shell Hungary Zrt.

Diversity and social inclusion are fundamental values ​​for our company and they contribute to our success. The commitment of our employees is excellent, while our turnover rate is low. We are particularly proud of the gender representation in the management and the increasing rate of women in managerial levels: currently 40% of the board, 32% of senior management and 43% of our middle management are women.

Woman leaders

Industry: Retail

Date: since 2002 continuously


Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Promote women to management and leadership positions, improve diversity in decision-making bodies, increase the proportion of female mid-level and executive managers to 20% in the business sector

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

In 2002 we have adopted our diversity regulation, in which we made commitments in the topic of diversity values. We create an action plan each year and we support the achievement of the goals by HR processes and training programs. We prioritize women’s involvement in managerial problems.

We always take partnerships into account when making big changes, as this can be achieved by gathering each gender.

We motivate the managers, to undertake a task in their annual personal objectives to support diversity. It is a part of the managerial competences to be able to properly handle diversity problems and we have also integrated its improvement in our managerial training programs. During the trainings we have pointed out the problems of stereotypes and it is important to recognize these, moreover to learn about the gender differences in order to objectively understand them in the selections and training processes. Our online trainings, which are specialized to the different areas of diversity (gender, generations, cultures) are available for every employee.

The decisions during the selections and trainings are based on the competences and productiveness so they are merit-based, and we consciously mind the representativeness of both genders on the „short-list”. This is very likely to require a longer process, but these costs are unavoidable.

The corporate programs involve the ones on maternity leave, moreover we inform and support their return to the labour market with working opportunities and advices when applying for a job. We support maintaining a work-life balance by proper infrastructure and a corporate policy making home-office options possible.

In order to spread these values for a wider group of people, we cooperate with other organisations, in 2007 the HBLF Diversity Chart has been created based on the corporate diversity principles, and in 2016 we have supported the launch of HBLF European Diversity Charta.

Business connection

The purchase decisions are mostly made by women. Due to these, we have to understand the needs of female customers, when dealing with the improvement of products and services in order to be a successful company. This can be highly conducted by the female presence in all levels of the company, also in the decision-making. This can strongly contribute to the employee commitment and the encouragement of creativity, moreover the low rate of the turnover decreases the costs of employment.


The corporate culture, which supports diversity subserves employee commitment, a low rate of turnover and the proper rate of genders, as women’s rate is 32% on a senior managerial level and 43% in the middle management.