Károly Kovács and Attila Sinka

Managing Director of BDL Kft. , President of Magyar Víz- és Szennyvíztechnikai Szövetség

BDL Kft. - Magyar Víz- és Szennyvíztechnikai Szövetség (MaSzeSz) collaboration

One objective of Action 2020 is to support the climate adaptation of companies in the area of water. On a personal level, the issue of rainwater usage is very exciting to me. It is apparent that we have been wasting our natural resources, although utilization just concerns infrastructural issues (money), but we do not consider this factor. Extreme rainfall and the expected increase in water consumption will be more and more challenging for companies in the future. Modern rainfall management not only helps to avoid damage caused by rainwater, but can also help identify new practices while protecting aquatic habitats.

Value of water – corporate brand for the sustainable water services

Industry: Business services

Date: since 2018


Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Improving the efficiency of water distribution and usage

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

Water utility service has to be considered as a value with no other alternatives. In order to have a high-quality water supply and sustainable wastewater treatment, that is sustainable in the long run, it is essential to

  • protect catchments,
  • maintain the infrastructure with a fair technical and technological condition, provide maintenance moreover replacement and reconstruction for the old network
  • retaining the specialists, that carry services out moreover provide a professional supply in the workforce for the ever-growing demands
  • to support the customers by maintaining a proper value system.

The society is less and less aware of the huge value which belongs to Hungary: the water supply, that involves not only the great-quality tap water, but also the water resources, professional knowledge an effort behind it.

  • The public is not familiar with the real value of water (1 m3 = 1000 litres = 1 ton, all for an average of 300 HUF even to the tenth floor, etc.)
  • the population estimates (20% of respondents of a survey) that one litre of tap water costs more than one litre of bottled water. Despite the fact, that the truth is the opposite and it should be multiplied by thousands!
  • we are not aware of the contribution of utility services to sustainability issues
  • and on the contribution to the reduction of waste and CO2 emissions (in the absence of a water utility network, daily 20.000 trucks should be used during the transport for the daily use)
  • Now we consume 125 litres of bottled water per person/year, this way generating increasing volumes of environmental pollution.

The prestige of the supplied water and the wastewater service is constantly diminishing. Sustainable water supply is a value and an investment, and it is important for the businesses to be aware of their water needs in response to the climate crisis.

Value of Water Brand

Our business solution is an awareness raising programme as well, the final output of which is the VALUE OF WATER BRAND. This reinforces the responsibility of maintaining water as a value, which not only raises awareness among the consumers, but also in the industry.

Business connection

Sustainable water supply is a value and an investment. A responsible company considers it important that its activities are sustainable and that they communicate the water-conscious activities as a value.

Measuring the water demand of business and industrial processes, and making water use and abstraction sustainable also helps companies to prepare for the impacts of the climate crisis regarding the water and rainfall, and can also shape their customers’ attitudes through conscious behavior. By acquiring and applying the VALUE OF WATER BRAND developed by the Hungarian Water Association, the company can measure and communicate its responsibility. This increases its prestige in the market against other companies and contributes positively to its customers’ water using habits and their water awareness, this way supporting the circular economy.


Achieving the certification of water conscious responsible companies is the result of the program, which not only represents an environmentally conscious attitude of managers and employees, but also contributes to the sustainability of the water utility service, the reduction of plastic waste and the reduction of CO2 emissions. The level of this certification is judged by the committee of independent experts, using the applications received in the given year as a basis. The professional certification is handed over this way, and it is not only an instantly measurable, well communicable proof of a socially recognized corporate value, but also an opportunity to assess and further develop the knowledge of water-related issues, in which HWA provides support for its members.