Sándor Fasimon

Managing Director

MOL Plc.

As Hungary’s largest company we are engaged in collecting and recycling our waste, but also other businesses’ and the general public’s as well. We are highly environmentally conscious during our production processes and constantly looking for innovative solutions and new development opportunities. Our recent program recycles concrete originating from demolition of dissolved premises and technologies.

Utilization of concrete originating from demolition

Industry: Energy

Date: Continuously since 2015

Climate change

Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Shift to low carbon economy by increasing effective energy use and industrial energy efficiency, promoting clean and environmentally friendly technologies and life cycle assessment

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

In MOL Plc’s solution the concrete originating from demolition of dissolved premises, technologies is utilized, decreasing the volume of waste deposited and the company’s waste management costs. We milled the demolished concrete to the sufficient size, later in accordance with the requirements of the construction product standard we qualified it as construction product, and used it to build roads and road-beds. The solution results in the cost reduction of waste transportation and management, together with the relief of landfills from the demolished concrete used in this methodology. The decreased waste generation and recycling directly contributes to the reduction of GHG.

Business connection

As an effect of the solution the waste management costs, and the strain on landfills are reduced, as well as the need for raw material for road construction. The achieved result can be measured through the comparison of the unit price referred to the weight of the produced construction product, the unit price of the delivered waste for handling and the price of the not bought construction raw material. The achieved results encourage our corporation’s leadership to analyze other opportunities relating cooperation and performance improvement. We analyze the added value of the solution based on economic impact, taking into account the reduction of the primary construction material’s usage.


Due to this project the concrete from demolition is recycled and does not burden the environment.

In order to implement the solution, the company’s business units and organizations must cooperate. The solution can only operate sustainable, if the originated concrete is handled by the closest entrepreneur to its origin and is utilized at the closest location.

Thanks to the project (between II. quarter of 2015 and II. quarter of 2016) 21.934,65 m3 grounded concrete arose. From this quantity 4.518,85 m3 were utilized until the end of June 2016. The system established by the project group can function independently, thus the remaining quantity can be utilized by the projects starting in the future.