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Master Good Kft.

Whichever part of the production process employees are involved in, every one of them is aware that at the end of the production chain we are producing food. We all feel this responsibility and we carry out our everyday business according to it. The complete product chain (laying plants, hatching, fodder production, meat chicken raising and processing) is owned by the company, and the company manages and controls it. The company group is owned 100% by Hungarians, and each plant is in Hungary. At feeding time, we do not use antibiotics, genetically modified ingredients, hormones or other agents to increase yield. We operate animal welfare programs at our breeding plants where installation density is maximized. With such an integrated and forward-looking approach, we can build a productive, efficient and sustainable domestic food industry that creates excellent quality products that support a balanced diet.

Sustainable poultry breeding

Industry: Food

Date: 2014

Food and Feed

Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Source raw materials from sustainable farm operations; strengthen the cooperation between local suppliers, food producers and distributors, improve regional value-added food networks based on local resources.

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

150 000 chickens are slaughtered daily at the Master Good’s plant in Kisvárda operated by an integrated poultry processing company. The Hungarian family business dealing with feed, hatching and processing has sustainable livestock management, environmentally conscious operation and responsible corporate governance as basic elements.

It was part of the long-term, conscious construction that we try to solve all the activities in connection with chicken-breeding in-house, so that everything from fodder production and mixing to hatching and slaughter poultry breeding with processing remains in one hand. The group employs 1600 workers and further gives job to 400 suppliers, which are family farms.

From uncertainties and crises arising from the external environment, we ran forward and we developed, risked, just as monitored the needs of our customers. Our machines, equipment and technology represent the highest standards and thus they are also the best solutions in quality and environmental awareness, that we use.

Continuous investments and developments ensure that besides competitive production, the aspects of environmentally conscious farming also show up.

Business connection

The business model is based on sustainable animal husbandry and responsible business operations. The family business started its operation in the time of Count Széchenyi, and nowadays we are a fourth-generation poultry farmer. That is a good proof of long-term survival, success and development.

Master Good Ltd. doubled its profit after tax in 2014, and our net sales reached 36.2 billion HUF, which was five billion more than a year earlier. So, our business success is visible, which proves that sustainable and responsible business operations are marketable and successful. Master Good’s plant in Kisvárda is Central Europe’s largest capacity chicken cutting plant, accounting for nearly 30 percent of domestic production.

As a key to our corporate success, we see local and social responsibility – environmental and social impacts are an integral part of our business decisions.

Perhaps the key to our success was that we relied on the tight demand for pure poultry free from harmful substances, and our supply (and parallel trends in sustainability) gradually increased with this solvent demand.


The farm chicken program has been introduced for nearly 15 years and, thanks to this, we have grown the production to more than 750,000 poultries per week at Master Good’s plants. Although the farm chicken is the smaller part of the chickens processed by the company, considering the growing number of conscious consumers, the share of farm chickens will also increase in the future.