Baja Sándor

managing director

Randstad Hungary Kft.

Our corporate culture is based on trust and results orientation, instead of physical presence, we take into account the real performance of our colleagues. We believe that together we can develop an employment scheme which provide a perfect solution for both us and our colleagues in every situation of life, especially in the case of employees returning from maternity leave.

Supporting employees returning from maternity leave

Industry: Business services



Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Improve the inclusive employment of disadvantaged people according to their share of the population, especially that of young people and minorities through the whole value chain

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

The Randstad Hungary Kft. has a great number of female colleagues, so it is very important to put emphasis on the case of women willing to become a mother or to get back into the labour market after their leave. We are concerned with this question on a strategic level, we have laid down the relevant rules of procedure in the Randstad’s company policy.

From the 5th month of pregnancy, we ensure the colleagues to have 6 hours and from the 7th month 4 hours of working-time on a daily basis. After the birth of the child, women can return gradually, as they can work 5/6/7 hours a day until the child reaches the age of 3. In several cases we can support young mothers to return to the labour market by entrusting them with tasks that might even require only 1 day weekly.

Business connection

We see, that the returning young mothers are at most of the time very trustworthy employees. When they feel that their work is appreciated, they can be very loyal to the employers. Besides we notice, that as the amount of time that they can spend working is strictly fixed, many times they are working at a much higher pace. Moreover, during the time spent at home with small children, they can obtain skills in organising and multi-tasking, and these abilities are indeed highly appreciated in the labour market.


The positive impacts of these actions can obviously be measured in the employee commitment and loyalty.