Gábor Bercsi


Cothec Energetikai Üzemeltető Kft.

We are creating added value for Hungary in the development of energy awareness by educating the next generation. We play an active role in identifying and sharing knowledge, experience, and best practices that may be useful for the development of other companies.

Support for the education of young people in the field of energetics

Industry: Energy

Date: 2017


Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Take individuals from education to workplace by providing them with the right qualifications, professions and skills


Further targets:

What´s the solution?

Cothet Ltd. pays particular attention to the energy education of the younger generations. Every year we participate in several events, like competitions in energetics among university students or we give lectures to support their professional forums. Our company’s specialists have been participating as jury members and sponsors for years on energetics themed competitions made for the secondary school students of Győr by the Energetics Advanced College of BME. Moreover, they call juvenile’s attention to eco-friendly energetic solutions by renewable energy resource themed presentations.


Business connection

Besides the participation in competitions, we provide internship for students, and offer them the possibility of making their dissertation at our company. With this, we motivate them to stay at our company after the graduation, which ensures us the fresh and innovative labour supply.


Teaching young people about energy awareness is extremely important for our company, as awareness-raising highly contributes to sustainable development. Our efforts were rewarded with Business Ethics Award in 2015. The award is given to the company, that decidedly aspires day-to-day work to spread and intensify the responsibility taking in sustainable development among the company’s clients.