András Biczók



As a key player in the domestic energy sector, it is essential that sustainability aspects appear in all segments of our operations. This is also served by our environmentally conscious developments in soil and groundwater protection.

Protection of water quality

Industry: Energy

Date: since 2003


Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Maintaining water quality through the protection of subsoil and surface water by effectively treating all wastewater and effectively managing other related emissions

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

Transmission network equipment and their environment are closely related, so we take environmental and nature protection aspects into account in the operation and installation activities, and any additional (for example social, residential) needs that may arise are inserted into the operational processes. Soil and groundwater protection is a key element of our environmental activities.

Due to the operation of transformers with previously open funds on the affected stations, there were local soil and groundwater contaminations. Because of the continuous monitoring of the contaminations and the built-in oil separators, monitoring systems are placed in the field of 12 transmission network sub-stations – a total of 60 sampling points – to control emissions of built-in oil separators. Accredited samples are taken from monitoring wells and from the soil at the frequency specified by the competent authorities and tested in an accredited laboratory. Nowadays, the substructures of transformers are insulated, so no further environmental pollution can occur. The collection, treatment and drainage of the separated rainwater and the draining of the cleaned rainwater should also be highlighted.

Business connection

As a big company in Hungary, we think that without the protection and restoration of nature and the environment it is impossible to do business. In addition, we believe that responsible behaviour greatly increases the value of a company or business, for example through increased trust. With this, we can contact new partners and customers, which also has a positive impact on the business.


At all substations of MAVIR Zrt., our transformer bases are already insulated, thus ensuring the protection of the soil. In addition, the monitoring system installed at the 47 sampling sites provides a guarantee for maintaining our environmental commitment. In turn the draining of the cleaned rainwater helps to improve the water balance of the soil.