Kamilla Csomai



‘Our company should not only act at the forefront and set an example in energy related sustainability issues. The centre of our thinking is sustainability, therefore we are monitoring further impacts of our activities and facilities being operated by us: we bear in mind the protection of waters as well.’

Installation of Oil Separation Devices

Industry: Energy

Date: Continuous since 2014


Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Maintaining water quality through the protection of subsoil and surface water by effectively treating all wastewater and effectively managing other related emissions

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

Surface- and groundwater protection is considered to be a key environmental activity by MAVIR Ltd. Commissioning authorized professional companies with the removal of rainwater potentially contaminated with hydrocarbon, being in contact with transformers operated by us, had been a significant cost factor for our company. Thus, we installed oil separation devices in 2014, which minimize surface-, groundwater and soil impacts through a rainwater pre-cleaning solution.

Business connection

MAVIR Ltd., as an environmentally conscious operator, considers the introduction of the best available technology significant. Beyond economical aspects, our company keeps environmental and land management criteria largely in mind during operation and investment projects in order to ensure sustainability of environmental resources.

Generation, transmission and the use of electrical energy all have their impact on the environment. We, as operation managers, operators and owners of the transmission network, treat environmental and nature protection as key criterion in making decisions and have the same expectations towards our partners.


With the rainwater pre-cleaning solution we managed to reduce environmental loads on surface-, groundwater and soil to a minimum level. Currently our oil separators are capable of automatic, centralised operation. If we take into consideration acquisition and operational costs and mitigation of the environmental impact related to the earlier solution, the newly established technology and its result can be regarded as environmentally beneficial by all means.