Kamilla Csomai



’Electricity is an integral part of our daily lives. Most of the time we recognise its importance only when it is not available. Although the delivery of electrical energy is not an easy task at all, especially if we wish to consider ecological aspects in addition to concerns of safety and efficiency. To this end, we have updated the tower structure of our overhead lines.’

Innovation in High Voltage Overhead Line Tower Structures

Industry: Energy

Date: 2015-2016

Climate change

Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Shift to low carbon economy by increasing effective energy use and industrial energy efficiency, promoting clean and environmentally friendly technologies and life cycle assessment

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

The operation of the existing network and the implementation of new lines are always performed in a natural environment, which imposes a serious responsibility on us in the context of safety of supply and environmental protection as well.

In the framework of the Environment and Energy Operational Programme (KEOP-7.9.0/12-2013-0041) of the New Hungary Development Plan, having been accomplished successfully in 2015, we performed an ecological assessment of forested line corridors as well as examined avifauna vulnerability in transmission line environment and possibilities for habitat protection. In the course of this we realised that innovation in tower construction may foster mitigation of environmental impact.

In the project we redesigned tower structures with the help of which transmission line corridor width may be decreased. On this basis, an environmentally friendly line corridor forest management and maintenance methodology has been established.

Business connection

MAVIR Ltd., as an environmentally conscious operator, considers the introduction of the best available technology significant. Beyond economical aspects, our company keeps environmental and land management criteria largely in mind during operation and investment projects in order to ensure sustainability of environmental resources.

Generation, transmission and the use of electrical energy all have their impact on the environment. We, as operation managers, operators and owners of the transmission network, treat environmental and nature protection as key criterion in making decisions and have the same expectations towards our partners.


Via modernisation of specific elements of the transmission grid, one of the main objectives of our company is strengthening environmental awareness, preserving and enhancing natural values, expanding flora and fauna habitats and increasing energy efficiency. These achievements may be considered indirect results of our company.