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ALTEO Energiaszolgáltató Nyrt.

If mankind strives to limit the extent of climate change and reduce its negative impact on the natural environment, it will certainly need to switch to clean renewable energy sources as much as possible in the coming decades. ALTEO’s strategy also points in this direction: we are constantly increasing the share of renewables in our portfolio.

Increasing renewable energy production in electricity generation

Industry: Energy

Date: since 2008

Climate change

Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Decreasing greenhouse gas emissions per capita via climate friendly transport and buildings, and by increasing the proportion of renewable energy from 15% in the total energy mix

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

With the acquisition of renewable capacities and the realization of self-constructed power plants, we continuously increase the share of renewables in our portfolio. In order for this to be economically worthwhile for the company, on the one hand, the KÁT or METÁR system help, but after the expiry of these periods the integration into our Regulatory Center is a long-term solution. When we talk about weather-dependent renewables, it is not a negligible factor that the energy they produce, and the current needs are not always met. With this inspiration, in 2018, our first R&D battery plantation project was realized, which also received state aid.

Business connection

The use of renewable energy sources is gaining increasing importance due to the increasing environmental awareness of society, the shrinking traditional energy sources and the pursuit of secure energy supply.


The KÁT period has now ended for three of our wind power plants, so we successfully integrated them into the Regulatory Center in 2017 and 2018. We are currently investigating ways to reduce weather dependency, including with the help of the battery plantation. The results can also be measured in terms of the proportion of renewable energy production in our portfolio and the amount of electricity generated in this way. Both show a steady upward tendency. By 2018, we reached 26% renewable source of our installed electricity generation capacity. As a result, our renewable energy power plants generated more than 42,500 MWh of electricity in 2018, covering the annual electricity demand of nearly 20,000 households*.

(*Calculated with KSH 2017 data – Annual electricity consumption per household consumer in 2017: 2.16 MWh. Renewable electricity in ALTEO: 42500 MWh in 2018. This will meet the electricity needs of nearly twenty thousand households)