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Our goal at Future FM is that socially responsible behaviour should be an integral part of our corporate culture, integrating into the organizational culture. With good affairs and responsible behaviour, we work as a partner for the wider community in which our company operates.

Implementing water-saving technologies in partnership

Industry: Building and estate

Date: 2015


Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Improving the efficiency of water distribution and usage

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

By controlling water use, the company is a barrier to wastage and wasted water. In a facility in Szombathely, it has rebuilt the existing water network, which can be used for controlled and controlled use of showers and washbasins, even in hot and cold water. The ideal system was designed by Franke Ltd’s engineers and controlled by a dispatcher from a central computer. When showering, the piezo head provides the time limit for use and the amount of water and the pins have a special push button.

In order to introduce the new business solution, the property owner, building users and employees, as well as the supplier were involved, so the product was developed together.

Their suppliers are encouraged to work in a sustainable way through partnership, and the joint system is used in consortium form with other facilities

Business connection

The new technology had the necessary guarantees to maintain operational safety. Future FM managed and mitigated the associated risk factors with FRANKE.

In the process, the customer and the operator work together to achieve a common goal, so there is mutual interest between the parties. Monthly analysis of data and making comparisons for other consumers is important.

In the future, the company plans to include new facilities in FRANKE technology, considering the protection of the water base.


The company achieved a 22% monthly reduction in water and sewage per capita use. This results in an annual saving of 21,500 m3 of water and wastewater, which saves HUF 14.8 million annually.