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Consumers want safe, modern, convenient and eco-efficient cars. Mobility is an increasing need in our rapid-paced world. Toyota is committed to providing solutions to current needs by shaping consumers’ lifestyles in a more sustainable direction. We not only analyze our products’ direct environmental impacts during production, but we evaluate and integrate carbon footprints during the phase of use as well. Both sustainability trends and legislation are shaping our industry, and, as a result, all cars need to be made from 95% recycled materials. But we don’t stop there. Our product portfolio is based on latest technological solutions and we are striving to make a wider range of hybrid cars available. 13% of our sales of Toyota and Lexus are hybrids in Hungary, we are working together with our stakeholders to increase this share continuously.

Hybrid cars

Industry: Car industry, manufacturing

Date: 2014

Sustainable Lifestyles

Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Provide an adequate variety of sustainable products and services which are affordable and available for the majority of the population

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

We have been taking industry leading safety, quality and environmental aspects into consideration, in the course of producing our vehicles. Sustainability trends and requirements also incent the automotive industry to constantly pay attention to acting in an environmentally responsible manner, all through the manufacturing process. This is verified by the fact that these days a car produced on the manufacturing line is made of almost 95% recycled materials. We attach huge importance to continuously developing our products, also bearing in mind user habits, as the environmental load also emerges related to the use of cars. Therefore it is important to assess our products all through the complete lifecycle, and our developments cover all domains. The introduction of hybrid cars is a progressive development, also for this reason.

Business connection

We always try to optimize our product portfolio from the environmental consciousness aspect and constantly develop it. We are convinced that the hybrid technology is becoming ever more affordable, and it is a progressive solution. Together with our business and professional partners we are working on convincing customers and promote the sustainable lifestyle to them. Simultaneously, we create the external and internal conditions necessary for more sustainable manufacturing and corporate operation.


Each year we manufacture 1.3 million hybrid cars, and this comprises 13% of the total production volume. There are currently more than 9 million full hybrid Toyota and Lexus cars on the roads, al around the world. A hybrid car of ours compared to a normal fuel based car within the same category emits half the CO2 without NOx and soot emission. This technology is a significant change versus the majority of vehicles, and also paves the way for future cars, operating with hydrogen fuel cells.