Dr. Thomas Narbeshuber



We wish to add to our competitive advantage and market share as a responsible and progressive business partner. We are focusing on innovation helping our partners in efficiently and effectively tackling current and future environmental challenges. One excellent example for this is the EMPRO 4-way catalyst making it easier for the automotive industry to meet the EURO6 requires that are about to be introduced and at the same time substantially reducing the ecological footprint of car users requiring a high degree of mobility


EMPRO 4-way catalyst

Industry: Pharmaceutical industry

Date: 2013

Climate change

Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Decreasing greenhouse gas emissions per capita via climate friendly transport and buildings, and by increasing the proportion of renewable energy from 15% in the total energy mix

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

BASF introduced its innovative FWC four-way conversion catalyst for gasoline engines in 2013. The single-component FWC technology can remove Particulate Matter, as well as Carbon Monoxide, Hydrocarbons and Nitrogen Oxides from gasoline-engine exhaust, helping automakers meet strict new emissions regulations including Euro 6. Moreover, they provide a solution for high mobility consumers to reduce the environmental impact of their particular ways of life.

Business connection

The definite commercial benefit of the program lies in the fact that it makes BASF SE the leading catalyst manufacturer and that through this and other innovations the Company acquires a competitive advantage. Also, as a responsible business partner, it offers solutions for other industries as well to help them manage their own sustainability challenges. We are convinced that our products and solutions reflecting our environmental awareness, mitigating the risks entailed by climate change, are strengthening our market position and improve our social acceptance.


During the recent six years BASF SE has been granted twice as many patents relating to emission catalyzers as its next rival, proving our innovativeness and our ability to keep up with increasingly tight environmental requirements and challenges. Our products reduce the emission of carbon-monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen-oxides and it is crucial for us that they meet the strictest requirements. Moreover, they also effectively reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. Their manufacture takes less water and energy. Another important factor is increased safety. All of these are accomplished by way of a holistic life-cycle approach, progressing even towards landfill-free operation with the help of these programs.