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In the case of dual training, first of all, the engineering fields come to mind. I think that it is at least as important that students with real professional experience in the economic sphere enter the labor market. We have joined dual training because it is useful for both parties. It is useful for students because they get real work experience, useful for the company because they can get interested and enthusiastic young people who can be potential future employees after the training.

Dual education

Industry: Business services

Date: Since 2015


Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Take individuals from education to workplace by providing them with the right qualifications, professions and skills


Further targets:

What´s the solution?

Students who apply for the masters programme in accounting at the University of Corvinus are given the opportunity to take part in a process of dual education, in which some theoretical lessons are taught by experts from KPMG.
The syllabus, which is drawn up with the university, gives the students a chance to acquire the knowledge needed to work with the audit system, the national accounting reporting system, the computerised database of public accountancy and audits, and case studies of accounting and auditing during classes, with the help of both a theoretical and practical education. During the course the students spend 11 weeks with us, and 13 weeks at the university. We provide them with a monthly scholarship for the full tuition period.
We get to know the students who apply for the dual education course during the selection process and we choose those who suit our requirements based on this. With this select group, an employment contract is drawn up in which we define their duties in a way that harmonizes with educational requirements and ensures that they can fully comply with the requirements of their studies.
If the students have enough capacity, we provide them with the further opportunity to work with our team, which comes with an extra scholarship, awarded on a monthly basis.
Talented participants may also be offered job opportunities after they get their degrees.

Business connection

During the dual education process, students can expand their theoretical knowledge with practical experience, contributing to their transition from education to employment. This programme is also beneficial for our company, because we can choose our next employees from among the young students that have the right knowledge, skills and competencies, and who may be new entrants, but who still have the proper professional know-how.


The first class that took part in our dual programme graduated in 2017. In the past two years we have got to know to each other, and we think it is a real success that many dual-educated students have chosen KPMG as a permanent workplace from September.