Robert Cooper

CEO (until 2017)

Dreher Breweries

It’s an exciting challenge in the life of a brand driven industry sector and company when responsible operation means that consumer demand must be satisfied simultaneously with influencing the consumers’ attitude toward being more responsible. This doesn’t work overnight, since reflexes, misconceptions and habits that have formed over many years – or periodic disadvantageous fashion trends – must be changed. With a high level of self-regulation a beer producer can also contribute to raising awareness, if it manages to find honest and committed partners. This is exactly what we have done for the sake of reducing drunken driving and alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

Drink responsibly! – The rules of responsible alcohol consumption

Industry: FMCG

Date: Continuously from 2015

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Empower consumers to increase their demand for sustainable products and services by providing reliable, actionable, user-friendly consumer information, communication and education

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What´s the solution?

According the OECD’s data, on average Hungarians consume the equivalent of 10.8 liters of pure alcohol per adult resident annually. 90 percent of this is consumed by one fifth of the nation’s population. Excessive and irresponsible alcohol consumption may have negative mental, social and health related consequences, which are unfortunately present in Hungary as well. Excessive alcohol consumption is often the cause of traffic accidents and may also lead to violence. The “Drink responsibly!” program places particular emphasis on warning of the dangers of drinking and driving. The leading beer producer of Hungary plays a considerable role in remedying this problem. It campaigns to promote responsible alcohol consumption in the framework of the program, in cooperation with various professional organizations. The program places particular emphasis on warning of the dangers of drinking and driving as well as women’s alcohol consumption during pregnancy. These are genuine problems today in Hungary, but discussing them is currently considered to be a taboo. In connection with this, an event series was commenced that involved educating Hungarian childcare district nurses in the subject of fetal alcohol syndrome. The program’s goal is for childcare district nurses to be able to provide comprehensive information about fetal alcohol syndrome for the sake of prevention, to recognize possible symptoms and be able to appropriately treat those. The program’s goal is to facilitate that raising awareness among those affected and the professionals who are capable of positively influencing them can occur in an authentic, easy to understand, reliable and up-to-date form. This is especially crucial in a country such as Hungary, where the financial background for providing preventive care is unstable, thus the resources made available by enterprises while ensuring professional independence are of key importance.

The basis for raising awareness about responsible alcohol consumption is provided by responsible business strategy as well as responsible sales and marketing activity. In the brewery, advertisement self-regulation functions excellently. The company has had this fact certified by the Advertising Self-Regulatory Board.

Business connection

The program initiated by the Hungarian Police and Dreher Breweries, as well as the cooperation between LÉTRA (ladder) Foundation and Dreher Breweries, are great examples of the cooperation opportunities between the state and the business sector as well as non-profit entities and the business sector. The cooperation is continuing in 2016 and we can expect some extraordinary events. For Dreher Breweries, supporting such programs is not a difficulty – it rather means a competitive advantage against other breweries, because promoting responsible alcohol consumption raises consumer awareness and commitment to the company. As a result, consumers know that they are buying the product of a company that cares about people’s health, their satisfaction and the conscious awareness raising of future generations.

Self-regulation doesn’t mean self-limitation, rather a long term strategic commitment, the strengthening of a conscious consumer base who will be conscious not only about the quantity they consume, but also about their choice of a brand. Political and economic decision makers reward responsible corporate operation just as much as consumers.


In 2015, during the eventful summer festival season, the Veszprém Police Department and Dreher Breweries initiated a joint action. They conducted intense roadside checks that included stopping and breathalyzer testing 250 motorists. Sober drivers were rewarded by Dreher Breweries’ staff with a can of flavored, non-alcoholic Dreher 24 beer. This is intended to strengthen responsible and conscious choice, and from a business point of view to promote the brand.

1300 childcare district nurses participated in the 18 stop lecture series that was presented for district nurses. With their help it was revealed that women’s alcohol consumption during pregnancy is a real problem, but discussing it is still a taboo in Hungary. Beside fetus protection the alcohol consumption of today’s youths was also mentioned, since early habits and experiences can be defining from the aspect of future family planning.

Thanks to its international background, Dreher Breweries can compare the findings of their alcohol consumption habits survey with results from other countries, thereby we will also get a picture of how much the situation in Hungary differs from the average.