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Daikin Hungary Kft.

We at Daikin believe that, in addition to theoretical courses at university, students need to meet with the industrial sector as early as their university years. If this happens, they can be more prepared for the labour market. 

Daikin University Program

Industry: Manufacturing

Date: 2016-2017


Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Take individuals from education to workplace by providing them with the right qualifications, professions and skills


Further targets:

What´s the solution?

To ensure the talented university students’ practical training before entering into the labour market, we have concluded an agreement with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 2016. Our aim was to create a win-win situation and a long-term relationship with the freshly graduated students by training professionals, which was implemented this year among others through an application competition.

The application  competition was based on projects:

  • presentations and courses in colleges for advanced studies by Daikin’s employees
  • internship program, which begun with 2 students in the summer of 2016 then further 5 students joined in the field of technical assistance, logistic and marketing
  • for students studying at master’s level, we provided professional support for their dissertation by external consultation

Besides these professional events, we have organised a visit at the factory of Plzeň, in the Czech Republic, at Daikin’s one of the biggest European consumer product and component factory. Finally, as the closing of the series of events we have invited submissions in the topics of building engineering, design and architecture. The announcement gave the possibility to choose from 9 topics relating to Daikin’s products, and as a first prize the 3 winner applicants could take part in a trip to Belgium with visiting Daikin’s European centre.

Business connection

The implementation of similar programs is recommended for other SMEs, as its benefits clearly exceed the required efforts. This is absolutely a win-win situation, as the university can also benefit from using Daikin’s modern technology. Moreover, this is a profitable situation for the students too, as they can acquire academic knowledge during the courses, while we also provide an internship program, consultation opportunities for the dissertation and knowledge related to the industry. Our company can also gain with this, as we can recruit committed and skilled young employees.


Up to now 7 students have participated in the program announced in 2016 and 2 have already received a contract from Daikin Hungary Kft. We have signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Technology and Economics based on our former relationship in 2016, but for the 2017/18 school year we aim to broaden our relations with the Faculty of engineering at the University of Debrecen, and we also intend to cooperate with secondary and vocational schools.