Éva Kreiter

HR Director

Dreher Breweries

Our Complex Trainee Program helps us to improve our recruitment activities. The program supports us to reach talents at a young age. We build a database and we can count on them in our future positions. In addition to our strategic plans, we have an operational target as well. Seasonality is a characteristic of our production process; therefore qualified students can help us with the increased tasks during the summer.

Complex Trainee Program

Industry: Food

Date: since 2016


Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Take individuals from education to workplace by providing them with the right qualifications, professions and skills


Further targets:

What´s the solution?

Our Complex Internship program was created as an answer to the challenges of the labour market. We have learnt from our branding research that we should make an attracting offer for the youth which is based on learning and also matches with market demand. Among others, we organise an opening event for the trainees, where they can take part in a study tour in the brewery, furthermore a Summer Academy is also held, where managers talk about their careers, field of work and experiences.

Building a strong partnership with universities and defining the basis of the partnership are important part of the program. We need to identify what we can provide to the universities in order to acquire their most talented students for an internship by our company. A great example is the mutually beneficial cooperation with the Szent István University (Department of Brewing and Distilling): the elements of the program are defined together, we cooperate in research projects, organise visitations in the factory etc.

It is necessary not only to involve the regional managers but also to have outstanding organising and communication activities on the field of HR (advertisement, conscious communication with the target audience). It is important to pay particular attention to the amount of workload of the leaders, in order to find a solution, where the students can actively learn while the leaders’ efforts are foreseeable and accepted by them.

We think that the key to the sustainability of this program is based on the meeting of the needs (opportunity for the students to learn, currently a plus hand for the company’s seasonal need of work, and job opportunity later during the recruitments). We intend to cooperate with more and more universities.

Business connection

We apply an integrated approach, with alternative, mutually beneficial relationships and settlements (putting the efforts in practical classes instead of the standard recruitment process).


Each year, students from several faculties apply for trainee positions at the Dreher Brewery for a different period of time.

We assessed the program very effective, as the number of applicants (applying for the tenders, expressing their interest at the university) has increased since we introduced the elements of the program, moreover the necessary trainee positions are all filled.