Jost Lammers


Budapest Airport Zrt.

As an operator of the airport, we have considered the most diverse forms of corporate social responsibility in previous years, which is a part of ensuring the professional development of our employees and our airport partners. This is why we set up the Airport Training Center, which also provides competency training courses in addition to diverse professional training.

BUD Airport Training Center

Industry: Shipping, logistics, transportation

Date: From 2013


Solutions of the macro-sustainability challenges

Encourage life-long learning and adult education and training, especially for developing the ability to adapt and build resilience in a rapidly-changing environment, and promote leadership skills

Further targets:

What´s the solution?

Budapest Airport prioritizes the training of its employees and partners, so in 2013 we started to broaden our training programs and established a training centre where they can acquire the necessary knowledge and take exams related to airport work with the most modern tools.

Malév’s bankruptcy fostered the establishment of the centre as we needed to undertake the training of 950 people with a drastically decreased budget and a very limited number of staff. Even at the beginning in 2013, we realised that if we wanted to enter the external training market, we needed to become an accredited OKJ training center, which we succeeded in doing in 2015. In addition, emphasis was placed on quality assurance and the detailed elaboration of customer management rules.

Business connection

Providing a large part of the training curriculum through e-learning is a long-term solution, not only for our own staff but also for other organizations at the airport. Throughout this work, the network of nearly 40 instructors assists the operation of the centre. Initial costs were recouped in the first year, and since then the centre has generated significant revenue every year.


Impacts can be measured using both objective and subjective tools: test results, passenger satisfaction surveys, employee surveys, manager interviews, etc. Based on research among our colleagues, two-thirds would like to develop their knowledge, thereby ensuring the need for the training centre.