Károly Kovács

Hungarian Water- and Wastewater Technology Association (MaSzeSz), European Water Association (EWA)

Mr. Kovács graduated as an engineering from the Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Since 1998, he represents Hungary within the European Water Association (EWA) as member of the Hungarian Water- and Wastewater Technology Association (MaSzeSz). In 2011, he became board member of MaSzeSz and from 2013 on, he takes an active role during professional discussions on sustainable water management, river-basin management and water- and soil conservation as vice president. In 2015, he was elected as president of MaSzeSz.

A number of technological developments and patents on environmental protection are attached to his name. As company director and project manager, he had a significant role in the design, modernisation, construction, operation, and condition and property evaluation of more than 100 municipal and industrial water- and wastewater treatment plants, and thousands of kilometres of public sewers and water supply systems. Furthermore, he was involved in the development, production and marketing of products that help collecting, draining and cleaning water and sewerage both in Hungary and abroad. Moreover, he is also associated with water utility development planning, as well as guidelines to calculate underlying assets evaluation of specific domestic investment cost and analyse international dynamic costs with the TIKA software. Finally, he helps the education and promotion of all these methodologies both domestically and internationally.