Gergely Hankó

Mr. Hankó received his degrees from Budapest Business School (BGF-KVIFK) and Gödöllő University of Agricultural Sciences (now: Szent István University). He has been working at ÖKO-Pack Kft. for 10 years, and designing and implementing environmental awareness-raising campaigns nationwide. His name is linked to “Waste to Product”, ” Mirror to the World ” and “Waste Academy” exhibitions. As an expert, he helps the Rural and Agricultural Tourism Association, the Institute of Ecology and government organizations as well.

He directs serious attention and focus on voluntary projects supporting sustainable development, such as the Redneck-Wellness at Gömörszőlős and the Tisza PET Cup. In 2015, Mr. Hankó was awarded with the Herman Otto Innovator Award from the Ministry of Rural Development for his valuable participation in the Redneck-Wellness project, which is based on six years of hard work and a sustainability centred think tank. Through this project, he had the opportunity to participate in the “Volunteering in the USA” study tour in the cities of Washington, San Francisco, Denver and Atlanta. Furthermore, he conducted research on “the role of sustainability in education” at the Polytechnic University of Valencia for one month. Recently, he implements waste management projects and organises the funding raising and wide-scale promotion of multiple green projects.