Edina Vadovics

Professional Director
GreenDependent Institue

Ms. Vadovics has got a MEd in teaching, a MSc in Environmental Management and a MPhil in Environmental Sciences and Policy. She received her degrees from Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest, Newcastle University, University of San Francisco and Central European University (CEU). She has begun her professional carrier as leading trainer and profession translator. From 2002 on, she fulfilled various positions at KÖVET Association for Sustainable Economies for 3 years. Following this, she both studied at CEU and worked within the field of sustainable and low-carbon lifestyles, and on topics associated with social innovation. Meanwhile, they established the GreenDependent Sustainable Solutions Association with her colleagues in 2005, of which she is still the director. The mission of this association and the spin-off and non-profit GreenDependent Institute is to support the implementation of sustainable lifestyle through research and practical projects. In relation to this, the support of communication between different sectors and groups receives crucial importance in her work. As guest lecturer, she was invited to hold courses at many institutions of higher education (e.g.: Budapest College of Management, University of San Francisco); she was adviser in the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP); and participant in European Environment Agency (EEA) and European Union projects. Recently, she is consultant in European TRANSIT (TRANsformative Social Innovation Theory) R&D projects. She is research and professional network board member of SCORAI Europe (Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative). She is author and co-author of various Hungarian and English publications for both professionals and general public.

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